Constituent Contact System
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Constituent Contact System for State and County Legislative Staff

HiLeg.org is a database management solution for Hawaii legislative and councilmember staff for contacting and keeping track of consituents. HiLeg.org is available only to Hawaii legislators, county councilmembers and staff.

HiLeg.org helps keep track of phone numbers, email addresses, address updates and interested non-constituents.

Searches are intuitive. HiLeg.org helps lower mailing costs by making it easy to tailor mailings. Superior householding efficiency reduces duplicate mailings.

Mailing labels and self addressed post cards to constituents can be printed directly from your browser. Excel and other outputs can be tailored.

HiLeg.org has more features to help increase constituent contact and reduce communication costs.

Click for more information or email rich@hileg.org. HiLeg.org is a project of Guide.Net, Inc., and is not affiliated in any way with any state, federal or county agency or department.

Subscriptions to HiLeg.org are only available to state legislators, county councilmembers or staff. Using HiLeg.org for campaign purposes is strictly prohibited. Visit HiVoter.com if you do not qualify.